Month: February 2017

Same Digits Equality Expressions

This work brings numbers in such a way that both sides of the expressions are with same digits. One side is numbers with power, while other side just with numbers, such as, a^b+c^d+… = ab+cd+…, etc. The the expressions studies are with positive and negative signs.  Work is done […]

Publications in Journals

2013 I.J. TANEJA (2013), Nested Inequalities Among Divergence Measures, Appl. Math. Inf. Sci. 7, No. 1, 49-72. I.J. TANEJA (2013), Seven Means, Generalized Triangular Discrimination, and Generating Divergence Measures, Information, 4, 198-239. I.J. TANEJA (2013), Generalized Symmetric Divergence Measures and the Probability of Error, Communications in Statistics—Theory and […]

Papers in Conference Proceedings

T. SILVA, E. ERN and I.J. TANEJA (2010): Training Teachers in Physics at Distance: An Overview of a Course in Brazil, International Association for the Scientific Knowledge, Teaching and Learning Programme, Sevillia, Espanha, Novembro 29 – Dezembro, 01, 582-587. I.J. TANEJA, L. PARDO, J.A. PARDO and M.L. MENEDEZ […]

Books Publications

I.J. TANEJA, Maple V: Uma Abordagem Computacional no Ensino de Cálculo, Ed. UFSC, Florianópolis, SC, 1997. I.J. TANEJA, “Mathematica” no Ensino de Cálculo: Uma Abordagem Computacional,  On-line: I.J. TANEJA, Generalized Information Measures and Their Applications,  On-line book:, 2001. I.J. TANEJA, Matrices and Maple, On-line:

Chapter Publications in Book Series

I.J. TANEJA (2018), Refinement of Generalized Mean Inequalities and Connections with Divergence Measures, Chapter in: Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Elsvier Inc. (USA), 207, 73-249. I.J. TANEJA (2017), Information Measures, Mean Differences, and Inequalities, Chapter in: Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Elsevier Inc. (USA), 201, 137-260. […]

Multi-Digits Magic Squares

In this work, magic squares are written in multi-digits formats. In some situations, different digits are considered according to order of magic squares. Magic squares related to combination with repetitions are also considered. In each case study is extended to palindromic magic squares. Full Work: Multi-Digits Magic Squares