Intervally Distributed Magic Squares With Properties

This work brings magic squares contructed based on intervally distributed numbers. It has been done in different form, such as, using pairwise mutually orthogonal Latins quares, self-orthogonal diagonalized Latin squares, block-wise compositions, etc. Work is divided in three parts: first from order 3 to 10, second from 11 to 20 and third from 21 to 25. … Continue reading Intervally Distributed Magic Squares With Properties

Selfie Palindromic Magic Squares

This work deals with Selfie palindromic magic squares. By Selfie magic squares, it is understood that the magic squares are upside down, mirror looking and having the same magic sums. Results are obtained for the orders  3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 8x8 and 9x9. In case of 8x8, the results are semi-bimagic and for 9x9 the results … Continue reading Selfie Palindromic Magic Squares