Intervally Distributed Magic Squares With Properties

This work brings magic squares contructed based on intervally distributed numbers. It has been done in different form, such as, using pairwise mutually orthogonal Latins quares, self-orthogonal diagonalized Latin squares, block-wise compositions, etc. Work is divided in three parts: first from order 3 to 10, second from 11 to 20 and third from 21 to 25. Restults are extended to palindromic and Selfie magic squqres. In some cases the magic squares are either bimagic or semi-bimagic. Genetic table based on magic square are also given. Superimposed double colored pattern based on magic square are given.

Links of three parts for download:

Part 1: Intervally Distributed, Palindromic, Selfie Magic Squares, and Double Colored Patterns

Part 2: Intervally Distributed, Palindromic and Selfie Magic Squares: Genetic Table and Colored Pattern – Orders 11 to 20

Part 3: Intervally Distributed, Palindromic and  Selfie Magic Squares – Orders 21 to 25 

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