Magic Square Type Extended Rows Palprimes of Order 5×5, 7×7 and 9×9

This work brings magic square type palindromic primes (palprimes) numbers of order axa, in such a way that rows, columns and principal diagonals are all palprimes along with extended row of rows. This kind of palprimes are named as  “magic square type palprimes” or “palprime distributions” of order axa. This work is limited to palprime distributions of orders 5×5, 7×7 and 9×9. In case of 9×9, the work is only for symmetric palprime distributions. By symmetric palprime distribution, it is understood that corresponding rows and columns are same, i.e., there is a rotation of 90 degrees. In some cases, the results are studied for limited number of digits, for example, for 3 and 4 digits.  Also, the examples are brought where both extended rows and extended columns are palprimes. By extended row or column it is understood that the row (or column) formed by rows (columns) of palprimes are also palprimes.  In all the cases, the extended rows are always palprimes. Another property  named as  “embedded palprimes distributions” are also studied in different situations. For download see the link below:


Links for download:
(i)  Paper on 5×5 and 7×7;
(ii) Paper on 9×9 – Part I;
(iii) Paper on 9×9 – Part II.

The above work is revised and put in a simple paper. See the link below for download:

The results for order 9×9 are for symmetric palrime distributions, For non symmetric distributions, the work is still under study.

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