Semi-Selfie Numbers

Author studied many ways of writing selfie numbers, sometimes known by wild narcissistic numbers. There are numbers very much near to selfie-number, but are not complete selfie numbers. Let us write these types of numbers, as semi-selfie numbers, where numbers are written in terms of expressions with positive and negative signs having same digits on both sides of the expressions, except the power values. These work brings semi-selfie numbers in different situations, such as with only positive sign, positive and negative signs etc. Below are examples and links for download the complete work:

Links for download:
(i) Semi-Selfie Numbers
(ii) Semi-Selfie Numbers-I
(iii) Semi-Selfie Number-II
(iv) Pattern in Semi-Selfie Numbers

New Link:

Inder J. Taneja. (2019). Semi-Selfie Numbers, Zenodo, February 12, 2019, pp. 1-394,







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