Recently, author worked with patterns in prime numbers in such a way that they can be extended by inserting digits in repeated ways, and still remains prime numbers. This kind of patterns goes up to fixed length. These types of prime numbers, we call “patterns in prime numbers”. There are prime patterns written in diferente ways with the same initial or first prime number. These type of  patterns we call, “fixed length multiple choice prime patterns”. This work brings these kind of prime patterns in diferente situations. The whole work is divided in four parts. The first give multiple choice prime patterns of lengths 10, 9 and 8. The second part  give multiple choice prime patterns of lengths 7. The third and fourth parts works with multiple choice prime patterns of length 6. Length 5 prime patterns are not considered as there are too many results to put as a paper.  Below are examples, and links for download the work .






Links download:
(i)    Paper I;
(ii)  Paper II:
(iii) Paper III:
(iv) Paper IV.