Month: August 2017

Narcissistic-Type Selfie Numbers with Division

This work brings extensions of narcissistic numbers in different situations. Extensions are made for positive and negative coefficients, fixed and flexible powers. The idea is extended for narcissistic numbers with division. Here also different situations are considered, such as, positive and negative coefficients, fixed and flexible powers. Comparison […]

Patterns in Semi-Selfie Numbers

Author studied many ways of writing selfie numbers, sometimes known by wild narcissistic numbers. There are numbers very much near to selfie-number, but are not complete selfie numbers. Let us write these types of numbers, as semi-selfie numbers, where numbers are written in terms of expressions with positive, and […]

Number Patterns: Single Letter Representations

This work brings representations of palindromic and number patterns in terms of single letter ”a”. Some examples of prime number patterns are also considered. Different classifications of palindromic patterns are considered, such as, palindromic  decompositions, double symmetric patterns, number pattern decompositions, etc. Numbers patterns with power are also […]