Double and Triple Sequential Representations of Natural Numbers

This work brings representations of natural numbersin two different ways. In both the representations, the same digits, i.e., 3 to 0, 4 to 0, 5 to 0, 6 to 0, 7 to 0, 8 to 0, etc. decreasing order. The work is divided in four papers with links given below.

In case of triple reprentations, we have decreasing in two ways and one more way in increasing cases. In these three situations, the digits used are same. Link for download the work is given below.

Below are some examples in double and triple cases:



Links for download:
(i) Double Sequential-I;
(i) Double Sequential-II;
(i) Double Sequential-III;
(i) Double Sequential-VI;
(v) Triple Sequential.

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