The 10958 Problem – One Million Views

YouTube Videos by Numberphile on 10958 now has 1 milion views.



YouTube links:
The 10958 Problem
A 10958 Solution


One thought on “The 10958 Problem – One Million Views

  1. Hi Inder,
    I think Matt Parker played a little loose with the order of operations. In day-to-day math, we concatenate digits to form numbers naturally and always as a first step. This is such a natural step that we don’t even include a symbol for the concatenation operator and we all mutually agree that concatenation is the first step.
    For example, 12×34 = 408 because we assume the concatenation operator falls between 1 & 2 as well as between 3&4 and is performed before the multiplication operator. We never question if the order of operations should be 2×3, then concatenate 1 & (2×3) & 4; 12×34 does not equal 164.

    The acronym may be different globally, but we all mutually agree that BEDMAS / PEMDAS / BODMAS / BIDMAS is the proper order of operations. If we must explicitly add Concatenation as an operation, then surely we should have it as CBEDMAS.

    It’s your game, your rules, what are your thoughts?


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