Numbers represented by their own digits by certain operations are considered as selfie numbers. Some times they are called as wild narcissistic numbers. There are many ways of representing selfie numbers. They can be represented in digit’s order, reverse order of digits, increasing and/or decreasing order of digits, etc. These can be obtained by use of basis operations along with factorial, square-root, Fibonacci sequence, Triangular numbers, binomial coefficients, s-gonal values, centered polygonal numbers, etc. In this work, we have re-written selfie numbers just in digit’s order with basic operations, factorial, square-root, and factorial and square-root together. Below are examples and links for download papers:

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Paper 1: Different Types of Pretty Wild Narcissistic Numbers: Selfie Representations – 2015;
Paper 2: Selfie Numbers – III: With Factorial and Without Square-Root – Up To Five Digits – 2016

Paper 3: Digit’s Order Selfie Numbers: Factorial and Square-Root – 2017




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