Sites on Magic Squares

  1. Aale de Winkel, The Magic Encyclopedia, 
  2. Alan W. Grogono,  Grogono Magic Squares,
  3. Bogdan Golunski,
  4. Boyer, Christian, Multimagic Squares,
  5. Campbell, Dwane H. and Keith A. Campbell, WELCOME TO MAGIC CUBE  GENERATOR,
  6. Gaspalou, Francis “Magic Squares”
  7. Heinz, Harvey “Magic Squares”
  8. Holger Danielsson, Construction methos for magic squares,
  9. Knecht, Craig “Knecht Magic Squares”
  10. Loly, Peter,
  11. Nakamura, Mitsutoshi, Magic Cubes and Tesseracts,
  12. Meyer, H.B. “magic squares and cubes”
  13. Trump, Walter “Notes on Magic Squares”
  14. White, Harry, Magic Squares,
  15. Walkington, William,

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