Geometrical, Numerical, and Symmetrical Representations for the Days of 2020

In this work, the days of year 2020 are represented in two different ways. One way is numerical, and another way is geometrical. In numerical representations, four different forms are considered. The first one is of crazy type, and the second one is of power type. In these two cases the year ends in 20. The third one is representations in terms of single letter “a”. This is done only for the months of April and August. The forth numerical representation is of factorial type. In this case, four different ways are considered. One ending in 20, and other three ending in 2020. For these representations, we used the idea of 5!, 6! and 8!. The geometrical representation is new, and is not done so far. In this case the representations are for the year ending in 2020. This we have done for each day separately. The first 364 days are organized within a square of 9×9. The last two days of year, i.e., 30.12.2020 and 31.12.2020 are organized in a square of 11×11. All the geometrical representations are organized in symmetrical way. In this situation five types of symmetries are defined, such as, color design symmetry, design symmetry, half-design symmetry, half-color half-design symmetry and half-color design symmetry. All these symmetries are based on well known reflection symmetry. By no means, we can say that these representations are unique. There are much more possibilities. The whole work can be downloaded at:

  • Color Design Symmery:

These are of double reflection symmetry in colors and in design and are of equal patterns.

Complete work with more examples of different kinds of symmetries and numerical representations can be seen in a paper cited above for download.

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