23 and 2023 in Numbers and Patterns

This work brings representations of 2023 in different ways. These representations are of crazy-type, running numbers, single digit, single letter, Triangular, Fibonacci, palindromic-type, prime numbers, embedded, repeated digits, colored patterns, magic squares, patterned designs, etc. This year the number 23 is a prime number. Let’s call it prime year. Below is a link of work for download:Inder J.... Continue Reading →

1st to 10th Days of Year: 01.01.23 to 10.01.23 – Crazy and Single Letter Representations

References: Inder J. Taneja, Single Digits Representations of Numbers from 1 to 20000,  https://inderjtaneja.com/2019/01/01/single-letter-representations-of-numbers-from-1-to-20000/ nder J. Taneja, Crazy Representations of Natural Numbers – The 10958 Problem nder J. Taneja, Crazy Representations of Natural Numbers Using Factorial From 200001 to 300000 Inder J. Taneja, Patterns in Single Letter Representations of Natural Numbers

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