Publications in Journals

2013 I.J. TANEJA (2013), Nested Inequalities Among Divergence Measures, Appl. Math. Inf. Sci. 7, No. 1, 49-72. I.J. TANEJA (2013), Seven Means, Generalized Triangular Discrimination, and Generating Divergence Measures, Information, 4, 198-239. I.J. TANEJA (2013), Generalized Symmetric Divergence Measures and the Probability of Error, Communications in Statistics—Theory and Methods, 42, 1654–1672. 2012 I.J. TANEJA (2012),... Continue Reading →

Papers in Conference Proceedings

T. SILVA, E. ERN and I.J. TANEJA (2010): Training Teachers in Physics at Distance: An Overview of a Course in Brazil, International Association for the Scientific Knowledge, Teaching and Learning Programme, Sevillia, Espanha, Novembro 29 - Dezembro, 01, 582-587. I.J. TANEJA, L. PARDO, J.A. PARDO and M.L. MENEDEZ (1991): Generalizations of Information Divergence, Proceedings of... Continue Reading →

Books Publications

I.J. TANEJA, Maple V: Uma Abordagem Computacional no Ensino de Cálculo, Ed. UFSC, Florianópolis, SC, 1997. I.J. TANEJA, "Mathematica" no Ensino de Cálculo: Uma Abordagem Computacional,  On-line: I.J. TANEJA, Generalized Information Measures and Their Applications,  On-line book:, 2001. I.J. TANEJA, Matrices and Maple, On-line:

Chapter Publications in Book Series

I.J. TANEJA (2005). On Symmetric and Nonsymmeric Divergence Mesures and Their Generalizations, Chapter in: Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Academic Press (USA), 138, 177-250. I.J. TANEJA (1995): New Developments in Generalized Information Measures, Chapter in: Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Academic Press (USA), 91, 37-135. L. PARDO and I.J TANEJA (1991): On Information Energy... Continue Reading →

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