Multiple-Type Pythagorean Triples Patterns

Pythagorean patterns are well-known in theĀ literature of mathematics. This work bringsĀ  patterns obtained by mutiplications with natural numbers to known patterns. It is done in two parts. One without final sum. Second with final sum. In some cases after multiplications, initial lines don't obey the pattern, but the rest part remains patterned. See below some … Continue reading Multiple-Type Pythagorean Triples Patterns

Magic Squares with Perfect Square Number Sums

This short paper shows how to create magic squares in such a way that total sum of their numbers becomes a perfect square. This has been done in two ways: Firstly, Take the sum of odd numbers, and secondly, take the numbers in a sequential way. In the first case, for all orders of magic … Continue reading Magic Squares with Perfect Square Number Sums