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Block-Wise Bordered Magic Squares Multiples of Magic and Bordered Magic Squares of Order 6

During past years author worked with block-wise, bordered and block-bordered magic squares. This work make connection between block-wise and bordered magic squares. We started with block-wise bordered magic squares of orders 108 and 102. Based on these two big magic squares inner order magic squares multiples of 6 are studied. By inner order we understand that magic squares of […]

Bordered and Block-Wise Bordered Magic Squares: Odd Order Multiples

In the previous work we did block-wise bordered and block-wise block-bordered magic squares mutiples of even orders. See the link below: Inder J. Taneja, Bordered and Block-Wise Bordered Magic Squares: Even Order Multiples, The even order multiples considered are of orders 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 […]

Universal Palindromic Day (02.02.2020) and Two Digits Magic Squares

Today,  the February 02, 2020 is the universal palindromic day. It can be written as 02.02.2020 or 2020.02.02 Some idea on this day can be seen in Alex Bollos column in “The Guardian“: Alex Bellows,, January 27, 2020 The palimdromic magic square appeared in the above column: […]